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Job satisfaction is a step apart from mere job existence. Ingbretsen Consulting, LLC, provides leadership, management and career guidance to professionals, manager, and individuals. I provide career counseling to professionals, managers, and individuals looking for career development information. I am a certified executive coach, with over 35 years of leadership experience, a published author, and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Roger has a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership, from Gonzaga University, a dual undergraduate degree in Economics & Business Administration from Park University, an AA degree in Business and over 1500 certified hours of training in technical disciplines. He’s had over 40 articles, numerous white papers and 2 books published, and created the “Leadership Development Coaching Experience.”

Whether implementing a new organizational strategy, initiating a pivotal project, or simply nurturing a team, success in today’s world requires much more than traditional management competence-It takes leadership!

Do you want to transform your current management abilities into tangible leadership reality? Begin your journey today by building your innate strengths and competencies through the Leadership Development Coaching Experience®.

Does your organization have the desire to be the industry leader? Roger M. Ingbretsen offers a consistent track record of helping today's managers and organizations become tomorrow's leaders.

Are you seeking to discover the personal insight and the knowledge required to shape your future? Ingbretsen Consulting LLC, a results-driven leadership development firm, is dedicated to helping “high potential people” achieve breakthrough personal and professional performance.

Our highly focused coaching and consulting processes are designed to closely align with your personal and business goals. We listen to your needs, learn about your unique challenges and then develop practical strategies that will help you enhance your competitive advantage… Imagine the possibilities!

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